Eliminate phone tag and long email threads to coordinate interviews. Simply create your video and you will have 24-7 exposure as a candidates.



Why Join Our Team as a Freight Agent?

  • Experienced Broker | Agent - Submit Application

  • NO Experienced Candidates | Earn While Learning

  • Self Paced Freight Agent Training

  • Access to Training Videos, Tool and Resources

  • Unlimited Interview Virtual Videos

  • Freight Agent Videos will help you Standout from the other candidates

  • Freight Company don’t have time to meet with you – the Freight Company can review your videos

  • Instant exposure to Freight Companies

  • Meeting the new Social Distancing requirements

  • Don’t get overlooked because of your paper resume

  • Our system allows you to practice before you create the video

Tips for a Successful Video From your Own Home or Location:

  • Find a quiet, private, well-lit place, free from possible interruptions.

  • Our System will check your internet connection.

  • Our System will check that your computer’s audio is working.

  • Use our “PRACTICE” Video to test your computer’s webcam.

  • Write Down the pre-recorded questions.

  • Our System give you five (5) re-takes.

  • Close any unnecessary web browser tabs and applications.

  • Dress interview professionally.

  • Place your phone in silent mode.


Pre-Recorded - Click On Image Below to Instantly Demo Video | Easy as 1-2-3

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