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Freight Broker Training

 Review Jobs, Apply for Jobs and Create a FREE Account on our site and quickly apply to many jobs with just one click! Interested companies will contact you to discuss new and exciting career opportunities.

Freight Broker911 is an Employment and Training service company. Our goal is to assist Job Seekers with getting the right freight broker career opportunity and assist employers with getting the additional proper exposure.

Our Freight Broker On-The Job Program (OJT) is designed to let you get the required training and experience so you can attain and meet your employment goal as a freight broker.

On-The-Job Training Program includes the following:

  • Access to Online Training Center | Self-Paced | Click Here

  • Review Training Curriculum | Click Here

  • Access to a Real Best In Industry Freight Broker

  • Live Monthly Training with a Freight Broker

  • Access to Transportation Management System


Earn While you Learn Training Program:

  • Must Complete Training | Issued Training Certificate | CLICK HERE

  • Guaranteed a 1099 (Independent Contractor) Position

  • Must participate in required Online Live Monthly Training

  • 50% Profit Pay Agreement ($54,000 - $180,000 Yearly) | CLICK HERE

  • Can negotiate Higher Profit Pay Based on Performance

  • Training cost paid to Freight Broker911 is Fully Refundable after you process five (5) shipments. This creates a win-win situation.

  • Keep your own Book of Business. You can transfer your Book of Business with you at any time.

  • Our training program is designed to let you get the experience you will need on the journey of becoming a successful Freight Broker.

  • You can apply for other opportunities directly with other companies within our partnership network at any time based on your comfort ability and the level of knowledge that you attained and retained.


Important Note: Mr. Collier the CEO | President of TranMazon an Amazon Transportation Partner, Master Government Freight Broker and one of the best Freight Broker in the industry will be conducting some of the Training Classes.  Training Cost is ONLY $399.


You have no contract; no long-term commitments and you can stay in the On-The Job Training Program as long as required to get the experience and training needed to meet your goal. Your On-The Job Training can be used as experience on your resume.


The most important and difficult job for a new Freight Broker is “Building a Book of Business” getting customers, so one of our main area of focus is training the freight brokers on the right tool and resources for finding customers.

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