Our Video interviewing combined with a digital structured interview methodology increases the predictive validity of your hires by 62%



Why Join Our Network as an Freight Company

  • Videos and Job Posting Services ALL-IN-ONE

  • Job Postings on, ZipRecruiter, Jobs2Careers, JobG8, Multiposting and BroadBean

  • Create your Own Interview Questions for Videos

  • Meet Social Distancing Requirement | Save lots of Money and Time

  • HR Department busy schedule – you can review candidates videos at anytime

  • Don’t spending hours meeting with candidates who will not properly represent your business Video Interviewing provides you with the ability to make a selection call based on qualitative data that is not apparent on paper (resume)

  • Share Interview Videos with Hiring Team

Why chose our video interviewing system?

Video interviewing is a powerful recruitment tool which allows candidates to record a video of themselves answering interview questions. They do this by using a personal device which can connect to the internet, such as a mobile phone, laptop, desktop, or tablet. The videos are then submitted for a recruiter to review at a convenient time. Recruiters also have the ability to replay, fast-forward or share the recorded responses with colleagues.

Reduce the Time It Takes to Conduct Screening Interviews

Time-saving is one of the top benefits of using video interviewing software, especially during the screening stage. By using this technology, recruiters can eliminate the need to schedule interviews and, since they won’t be performing the interviews themselves, allow an unlimited number of interviews to be done at the same time. The platform also enables recruiters to shorten the interview by limiting the time candidates are given to respond. These time savings allow recruiters to focus their attention on evaluating the quality of their candidates.

Video Interviews Make Time Zones Irrelevant

Coordinating an interview with someone in a different time zone is challenging. With videos, candidates can record their answers on their own time from anywhere in the world. Since the candidates are doing the interview solo, recruiters don’t need to work late to accommodate remote applicants, meaning they won’t have to put in unnecessary overtime, leading to a less stressed and happier workforce.

Mobile-Friendly Interview Platform

With the DSPVirtualVideo, applicants can complete their video interview from a mobile device with speed and ease.


Share Applicant Video Responses with Your Operation Team


Recruiters can share candidate response videos with anyone on your team, including the hiring manager and other coworkers. If you want to share, the system will provide you with a link you can send manually, or the system can send it automatically.  By getting opinions on the candidate, your team will be able to make the decision making process more transparent, resulting in a higher quality employee.