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The Freight Brokerage Market is poised to grow by $ 41.60 billion during 2021-2025.


One of the Best "Work From Home" Careers". Top Freight Brokers that build a good book of business earns up $498,000 Yearly.

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Our Freight Broker Training Course Overview and Training Subjects:

Our Freight Broker Training is created and developed by one of the top freight broker in the industry.

What You Will Learn in our Training Course:

1.  How to use the documents and software common to the industry.

2. Transportation procedures, insurance, and agreements and contracts.

3. How to set up and run your business, including record keeping, determining quotes, and negotiation techniques.


How is the Freight Broker course is taught:

1. Self-paced, online course.

2. Complete course at your Own Pace.

3. Open enrollment, begin anytime.


How will you benefit:

1. Our Freight broker training can provide you with the resources you need to obtain your brokerage licensing authority from the federal government or get the right freight industry job….

Our Training Course Outline:

1. The Basics of Freight Brokering.

2. Setting Up Your Business and Office.

3. Setting Goals and Developing Your Corporate Identity.

4. Setting Up Your Shipper Packet and Your Carrier Packet.

5. Examine the kinds of documents that are sent to shippers and carriers.

6. Using Operations Software.

7. Types of Freight and Exploring Niche Markets.

8. Differentiate between the types of freight.

9. Broker-Carrier Contracts.

10. Broker-Shipper Agreements.

11. Insurance for Carriers and Brokers.

12. Accounting, and Financial Management.

13. Determining Your Rate Quotes.

14. Carrier Relations and Solutions for Success.

15. Revenue and Profitability.

16. Advanced Marketing.

17. Develop Your Negotiation Skills.

18. Much Much More

Top Most Asked Questions:

1. How long does it take to become a freight broker?


It does not take long to set up your business as freight broker. The longer time is actually building up your business. As with almost any new startup business, it'll take time to build your client database before your income starts to increase.


When you're just starting out, it can take a few months to establish relationships and start building your client database.


2. When can I start the course?

Our course is open enrollment, so you can register and start the course as soon as you are ready.


You will Access to your course 24 hours a day and -7 days a week for up to 6 months.


3. How long does it take to complete this course?

This course is self-paced and open enrollment, so you can start when you want and finish at your own pace.


When you register, you'll receive six (6) months to complete the training course.


4. What kind of support will I receive?

Your support will be available (via email) to answer any questions you may have and to provide feedback on your performance. All of our instructors are successful working professionals in the fields in which they teach.          


5. What happens when I complete the course?

Upon successful completion of the course, you will be awarded a Certificate of Completion, you will have enough knowledge to start your own freight brokerage or seek a new career in the freight industry.