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Own Your Success!

Own your Skills & Success by enrolling into our On The Job Training Program. We  provide the best in the industry freight training. You also get training on one of the best freight Transportation Management System (TMS) in the industry with the latest technology.

Freight Broker 911 The Industry Requirements

Freight Broker | Agent Training


Start your freight broker career with our online freight broker training! This Freight Broker |Agent Training course provides you with the comprehensive skills needed for building a successful freight broker career.

Our freight broker course is designed to educate you about the foundational aspects of brokering shipments. From learning the laws and terminology, setting up your career, learning about valuable tools and software, contracts, and forms, how to find shippers and do ratings, and much more, it will provide you with the knowledge, insight, and direction to help you stand out in this growing industry.

You will learn the differences between a freight broker and a freight agent, their various duties and responsibilities, and the laws and legal requirements for both. You will also learn how to develop important qualities and skills such as how to set your goals and market yourself, set up and organize your office, recordkeeping, and back-office procedures, and how to choose brokerage and operating software.

After completing this freight broker course, you will understand the steps of setting up carrier and shipper packets and contracts, marketing and advertising avenues, rate quotes, how to interact with shippers and carriers to keep lines of communication open, and valuable negotiation skills.


Learn while you Learn Opportunity

Freight Broker911 is the only training provider currently allowing you to earn while you learn.

Industry Information: The pay of Freight Broker Agents in the US range from $36,951 to $458,998  with a median salary of $82,446 . The middle 57% of Freight Broker Agents makes between $82,446 and $207,570, with the top 86% making $458,998.

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