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Learning & Training Curriculum.....

Own your Skills & Success by enrolling into our On The Job Training Program. We  provide the best in the industry freight training. You also get training on one of the best freight Transportation Management System (TMS) in the industry with the latest technology.

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Freight Broker Learning Curriculum

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Course Code: FB9110

What you will learn

  • How to use and understand the Transportation Management System (TMS). Technology has changed the Freight Broker Industry. You will be trained on one of the best TMS in the industry. Click Here

  • The basics of freight brokering, and qualifications needed for freight brokers and freight broker agents

  • How to set up an office, goals, and a corporate identity for a freight brokering business

  • How to set up a shipper and carrier packet for a freight brokering business

  • Software used for accounting and operations and how the transportation law affects a freight brokering business

  • The terms, insurance requirements, liabilities, policies, and recordkeeping best practices involved in contracts between the broker, carrier, and shipper

  • Ways to determine rate quotes between your freight brokerage, the shipper, and the carrier using negotiation and sales techniques

How you will benefit

  • Insight into the industry to determine which avenue fits you best and will give you guidance to obtain the highest ratios for success

  • Why great software, quality contracts, and correct documentation are the backbone of your business

  • Understand transportation laws and how they affect your business

  • Learn the workings of the industry and how to translate that into your relations with your shippers and carriers

  • Fine-tune your ability to find a fair but profitable balance in rate quotes to keep your clients satisfied and coming back

How the course is taught

  • Self-paced, online course

  • 3 Months to complete

  • Open enrollment, begin anytime

Details of Learning

  1. The Basics of Freight Brokering

  2. Setting Up a Freight Business

  3. Setting Goals for Your Career

  4. Setting Up Your Shipper Packet and Your Carrier Packet

  5. Operations and Using Operations Software

  6. Types of Freight and Exploring Niche Markets

  7. Transportation Law

  8. Broker-Carrier Contracts

  9. Broker-Shipper Contracts

  10. Insurance for Carriers and Brokers

  11. Recordkeeping, Accounting, and Financial Management

  12. Determining Your Rate Quotes

  13. Carrier Relations and Solutions for Success

  14. Sales and Profitability

  15. Advanced Marketing

  16. Develop Your Negotiation Skills

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