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FREE Freight Broker Training

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Freight Broker911 is an Employment and Training service company. Our goal is to assist Job Seekers with getting the right freight broker career opportunity and assist employers with getting the additional proper exposure.

Our Free Freight Broker On-The Job Program (OJT) is designed to let you get the required training and experience so you can attain and meet your employment goal as a freight broker.

On-The-Job Training Program includes the following:

  • Access to Online Training Center | Self-Paced

  • Access to a Real Freight Broker

  • Live Monthly Training with a Freight Broker

  • Access to Transportation Management System


Important Note: The Training is FREE, but you are responsible for the Transportation Management System (TMS) monthly cost of $49.

You have no contract; no long-term commitments and you can stay in the On-The Job Training Program as long as required to get the experience and training needed to meet your goal. Your On-The Job Training can be used as experience on your resume.


The most important and difficult job for a Freight Broker is “Building a Book of Business” getting customers. The Transportation Management System (TMS) and Digital Freight Management System with integrated load board is the new world of freight brokering. The TMS system is designed to let you build your book of business, get the knowledge and experience to be a successful freight broker.

Keep in mind that 98% of Fortune 500 companies, large, medium, and small business logistics operations are now using some type of Transportation Management System (TMS). The TMS is designed to let you quote, price, process, dispatch, and track freight shipments.  The system gives you instant rates and prices from carriers (drivers) that are available and ready to pick up your freight.  

The old way of freight brokering is going, technology has changed the game. We are now operating in the New World of Digital Freight Brokering and our On-The-Job Training program will prepare you.